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*A stroke of dark a brush of light I watch you bring your canvas into life* [entries|friends|calendar]

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all away

wow livejournal..i deffiantly forgot i had this lol [03 Sep 2005|12:59pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Well i guess i can start out by saying my schedule for school sux ass!! i have algebra II then History II then Gym and finally the worst class of the day Art II with McAndrew.. wonder if ill ever learn anything in there!? GOSH!! Omg .. i hate school already and its like day 4 haha!! o well yea so did we win the football game last night lol...i bought one of those shirts for next week.. ill most likely end up burning it lol bc theyll lose just bc i have the shirt lol...well i g2g i have to drive my dad places bc he had surgery done on his leg and cant drive him self..grr..Later Days Y'all !! lol _-bR!ttAny-_

all away

what a day [18 Jun 2005|12:23pm]
[ mood | i miss my uncle!! ]

wow! another funny story to tell..well yesterday we went to get our tix for kelly clarkson with melodia and on the way home their was alot of traffic..so she got really mad haha and she dropped the f bomb! then shes like omg no i didnt mean it!! we were yellin at her she like no im never gunna forget this day! we u wont let me forget it!! haha then her pug loved me alot more than caitlin lmao! and no she didnt weigh as much as u caitlin..Then they decided to make fun of my tattoo .. melodias like wait till it gets really itchy and u cant scratch it! well yea thatnx for the warning bc its itchy right now!!! damn u! OMG then we went to sheetz and i couldnt figure out how to use the soda machine lmao the ice wouldnt stop! then it was the wrong soda! so finally i gave up!! then b4 that we went into the car wash thats there lmao.. and melodia had no idea wat to do she like i never did this b4 !! windsheild wippers OFF!! lmao..then after we dropped kuddy off she asked me to go to the car wash with her so she can vacuum the car out im like sure y not.. so i had to watch the pug ..lol but when we got there the trash cans were over flowing with shit and ther was a TOILET!! she like OMG theres a friggin TOLIET look!! i was laughing so hard i couldnt look.. wow what a day! hahahahaha im still laughing!

Give it all away

long time no update lmao..here it goes! [12 Jun 2005|08:31pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

well lets see so much funny shit to tell u guys.. ok first off ill star with losing to mrs melodia in a water bottle fight 2x in a row .. grr im 0-2 but ill get her!! lol she cheated!!! ok anyway.. kuddy melodia and i are goin to see kelly clarkson in august shall be a blast cant wait for it!! then this is for caitlin haha this lady in quinns had like 12 bags of friggin; raviolli lmao insider between melodia kuddy and i hahaha! then i went to nascar qualifing on saturday that twas fun i got sun burn on half of every body part lmao..half my leg..arm...face...u get it ! it hurts real bad! gosh! then today i tried to 2way melodia to tease her bout he driver hitting the wall on the last lap hahaha! wow but she wouldnt answer..hmm i wonder y?? o well im at my cousins now and caitlin decided to tell her how to kill me with a friggin' driver! no maybe a 9 iron.. o no 5/6..or was it 7/8.. no it twas a putter! well what ever golf club it was lmao it was caitlins falt!

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